Rude Tryndamere

Two games with the same person I reported. Non-stop harassment both games. Why do these people exist? Why do they still get to play? He claims I've talked all game. I did not say a word for 15 minutes, and I was 4/0 at 15 minutes until his lane came down. I made a remark, "dang, Nasus is strong." and that's when he just started picking at me, calling me "useless". I told him of ways that I do not feel I am useless, and then he switched the subject and claimed I'm now talking too much, trying to disregard me the ability to respond to his statement towards me. I was doing my honest best in a losing game and I get treated this way. There was nothing I could do. Why do these players still get to play? Why are they so frequent? Rude Player (Tryndamere): its ok shyv wasnt anything Rude Player (Tryndamere): all annie does all game is type to justify why she is doing so good Rude Player (Tryndamere): instead of playing Rude Player (Tryndamere): typing Me (Annie): I tried my best Rude Player (Tryndamere): all game Rude Player (Tryndamere): i get it Rude Player (Tryndamere): but you just typing away Me (Annie): I only typed because you were harassing me. I never said anything bad about you bro Me (Annie): I was just defending myself Me (Annie): I never argued. I just said "Im warding/killing wards" Me (Annie): I built the items I needed to do my job Me (Annie): I put more wards and killed more wards than anyone on my team Me (Annie): I did not troll Me (Annie): I did not feed Me (Annie): yet, you seem to think I did Rude Player (Tryndamere): there you go again Rude Player (Tryndamere): JUSTIFYING WHY YOU WERE GOOD Rude Player (Tryndamere): idc Rude Player (Tryndamere): just stop talking and play Me (Annie): I never said I am good Rude Player (Tryndamere): you type so much Rude Player (Tryndamere): you're right Rude Player (Tryndamere): you're not Me (Annie): why do you harass me Rude Player (Tryndamere) left the lobby
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