Riot has killed their own game.

It's very simple, this game has a giant player base, unfortunately since even farting in someones general direction gets your account suspended and then banned these days there is literally 0 reason to invest a dime in any skins in this game. Now of course you can be none toxic and good for you if you are, however a majority of the people are people, people react to other people acting like dicks, and let's be real this community is the closest thing to a dumpster fire that one can come up with. So in short as where once it was worth investing something to get some sort of variety, it no longer is. So riot has literally killed their own game with their own autoban system. Addition: For all the people I can't answer, I'm sorry but due to some bug or restriction on the forum every time I click on "go to comment" it doesn't do anything, so it's not that I'm not seeing your replies it's just that it won't let me reply back.
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