Sexism and harasment, Reporting further than after game possible?

Hello everyone, I have been playing league of legends for many years on and off. I have fun playing it, most of the time (i like to win, who doesnt) which is why i always get back on. But ive had one of the worst experiences ever playing it not just yesturday, but today also. From the same 2 people too.. I have NEVER seen this type of behavior before. These 2 people were on enemy team, as soon as the game started, they started spamming all chat being downright condescending and saying things like "you're an egirl u suck, we so got this win easy, and so on..." and minions hadnt even spawned yet. Today same thing with the same 2 guys, even though i reported them yesturday and also today. I was so chocked by their behavior that i didnt even know what to say, it was just unbelievable. Like i mentioned though in the past years i have NEVER seen this. Players tend to mostly critisize skill or champ pick or items whatever. But never have i seen someone down talk someone else like this without any form of provocation. It was simply out of pleasure... I would like to know if there is another way for me to report these two to make sure they get some form of penalty and modify their behavior and noone else has to go thru this again. Thank you in advance for the feedback. PS: Forgive my poor english i'm french. And i already blocked them, this is just for future victims.
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