I really got banned for this????

Game 1 In-Game Lushsmoke: tfw yas already has this Lushsmoke: just tryna learn kat Lushsmoke: hmmmm Lushsmoke: i landed all of my abilities Lushsmoke: stfu salty ass rat Lushsmoke: how classy of you Lushsmoke: you're the reason both of us died Lushsmoke: i was just gonna play safe Lushsmoke: now i'm 0-4 Lushsmoke: and he's 8-2 Lushsmoke: and jg did gank nme Lushsmoke: why are you still going in Lushsmoke: you literally said you weren't coming to my lane anymore Lushsmoke: and there you go again feeding him Lushsmoke: it wasn't because he literally one shots both of us Lushsmoke: like Lushsmoke: 3 of your deaths are to yas Lushsmoke: holy shit Lushsmoke: i died Lushsmoke: rip map awarenes Lushsmoke: yeah twitch decided to gank him even though he said he'd leave my lane alone Lushsmoke: all 4 of your death are to yas Lushsmoke: who was your 4th Lushsmoke: you dying 3 times isn't any better Lushsmoke: i'm already doing bad in lane Lushsmoke: then you die to him 3 more times Lushsmoke: that's like 900 extra gold for him Lushsmoke: cry more Lushsmoke: worry about your own lane lmao Lushsmoke: yes vlad Lushsmoke: look at the map Lushsmoke: mid's gone Lushsmoke: "barely" Lushsmoke: she did no damage to me Lushsmoke: jaySKEEEEEEEET Lushsmoke: ORANGE MAN BAD Lushsmoke: FREE HEALTH CARE ORANGE MAN BAD Lushsmoke: guys Lushsmoke: i feel it Lushsmoke: your tears Lushsmoke: im getting my 3-9 powerspike!!! Lushsmoke: the rat has insults Lushsmoke: :D Lushsmoke: went from 2/8 to 7/10 Lushsmoke: told you the powerspike was happening Lushsmoke: yes yes Lushsmoke: you were gonna die vlad but yes Lushsmoke: i couldn't have done it without you Lushsmoke: nah Lushsmoke: bot was all me Lushsmoke: twitch you do no damage Lushsmoke: the yasuo i fed is the only threat so Lushsmoke: rip lissandra ulted Lushsmoke: just because you won against a trash kat doesn't mean you're good yas Lushsmoke: ur wood xd Lushsmoke: not only is yas fed but bot is fed too rip Lushsmoke: omegalul Lushsmoke: oh well Lushsmoke: you were talking about the scores earlier right? Lushsmoke: 3/12 Lushsmoke: ks'd the yasuo but everyboody else was all me Lushsmoke: needed it for the triple Lushsmoke: also if i fed yas 27 kills yet i have 13 deaths Lushsmoke: hmmm Lushsmoke: OH SHIT Lushsmoke: more like 14 deaths Lushsmoke: heyooo Lushsmoke: and you fed him 3 Post-Game Lushsmoke: xd Lushsmoke: at like 3 deaths that's when i cut my loses and when i was just gonna tower camp against yas Lushsmoke: but twitch insisted we went in like 4 times The only thing suspect worthy was the "stfu salty ass rat" which isn't even that bad since that was directed towards the Twitch, who is literally a rat. They describe this as "extremely inflammatory and offensive." So the twitch calling me trash, useless, and also making fun of an entire party of people, spamming chat, inting my lane, but as soon as I tell him to stfu I'm in the wrong and I get perma banned. Ok rito. I love how they let the feeders and trolls get away and absolutely nothing is done, yet when I tell something to that same feeder or troll suddenly I'm wrong.
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