Should Riot Create an Appeal System for Permanent Suspensions?

I know what you're thinking, only a toxic player would think of such a thing and to those who think that, i'm sorry but you're incorrect. I personally have had the consequences of my actions and think I have reformed from those days. However, I think that it's an absolutely abhorrent digression to not allow so much as an appeal to the basic deletion of an account. I am the first person to say that racist, bigoted and/or genuinely sadistic people should have no place on the rift, however for those who have had an extremely frustrating game and gotten reported because of their profanity and nothing more, they deserve a second chance. This would really put the players in their place because they know they are one mistake away from the permanent ban they had prior, and would change their chat characteristics from then on. I know there will be backlash saying ," just don't be toxic" and I totally get that, but in a competitive game where people can get angry from taking it too seriously and having a player who enjoys seeing people get mad, there needs to be a degree of mercy by Riot especially considering how much quicker they are to perma-ban now comparatively speaking to the early stages of the game where people weren't as sensitive and the game was just played out. I understand this is a touchy subject but just go into it with not even a positive standpoint, just an open mind and i'm sure we can see eye to eye on many subjects and perhaps come to an agreement on certain matters.
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