People are being childish, and I feel Riot is encouraging it.

First I'd like to give an example by telling a story which happened today. Today I log in the game to play a couple game of League, I queue up for a normal, since I still need to check out items etc, I get top and pick Xin. Game start loading, I see I'm against a wukong, ok, decent match up. At 4 minutes, my jungler ( Olaf ) gank my lane ( top ) with red buff active, we do not have quite enough damage to burst wukong and he flashed away, which is perfectly fine, he has to back and we now be behind. No, Olaf activate ghost and tower dive alone into the wukong, and proceed to get killed in 1-2 tower shots giving the laner Red. Still fine. Conversation went as follow: Me: Plz why ? Me: Explain to me how this was a smart thing to do Him: It was funny Me: Would it be funny if I went AFK screwing 3 others people game because I consider it funny ? No. Him: Would be funny Some time pass Viktor is doing very poorly and feeding mid, olaf also doing very poorly. Conversation goes as follow: Me: Why are you going performing so poorly, don't you learn from your mistakes ? Viktor: You mad ? ( kept asking me if I was mad, in a not very polite way for the rest of the game ) Olaf: I know what my mistakes are Me: Most likely not, because you keep doing them again and again, at least listen to my advices... Both of them: It's normal I don't care Both of them: Why are you mad ? So toxic /all report xin plz And they proceed to try and annoy me for the rest of the game duration. I feel Riot is encouraging these childish behaviors by not allowing people to say anything rude or negative to others, and not punishing hard enough the people who are actually detrimental to the team, only punishing those who are saying ''bad'' things to others ( which is perfectly fine ... if they'd put as much effort in finding and punishing detrimental behavior ). Everyone is jumping on the '' Oh you're toxic'' train to justify whatever they're doing and using this ''excuse'' as a shield, which isn't how it should be. People who act like that are the one Riot should abuse, they keep typing in chat about ''toxic'' behavior whenever something isn't going their way but are the first to use passive-aggressive tactics to make others mad. To clarify, I was never banned before, nor am I currently banned, but I'm getting annoyed by all these people acting like that recently, this wasn't an issue 1-2 years ago.
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