Perma ban(s)

In the 6 years, I have been playing the league at the beginning for fun now a bit more competitive Ive lost 2 accounts already. The issue is people not taking the ranked game seriously. How many times have we had players trolling around and feeding like hell and in the end, you are the one being banned for saying '' you are being reported'' the chat system does not work. I haven't used any bad language or anything against them but seems like the system only targets the one moment where you will lose your cool instead of overall accomplishments. I get honours every game and I never give up I always assist my teammates and enemies, in the end, giving feedback on how to improve so the league becomes a more enjoyable place. Riot has done messed up the whole system and bans only when you've said something to them but no when they ruin the whole game. I 've got recordings of players abusing everyone feeding everyone, talking very badly to enemies and teammates and all they get is an S grade nothing else. So in conclusion, FUCK YOU RIOT. IVE DONT WASTING ALL THIS TIME IN THIS BULLSHIT GAME TO GET BANNED IN THE END. THE ISSUE IS THAT A FREAKING PROGRAMM DECIDES WHAT HAPPENS NOT A FREAKING NERD BEHIND A COMPUTER. ALL PERMA BANS SHOULD BE ANALYSED AND DISCUSSES WITH A SUMMONER. AGAIN FUCK YOU RIOT AND YOUR SHITTY BROKEN SYSTEM.
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