People, Champs, and Teams

**This is my own opinion I do not expect for people to agree about this nor do I want to start a fight** Most people I have played with in ranked seem to have a unique way of life. As a player in Iron i must be a rash, rude, troll, or believe I am above everyone, but the truth? The truth is that I am not any of those, sure i say somethings in all chat but that's because doesn't everyone have to let some steam off at some point? We all have to reply to something, boast about a cool kill, or occasionally have some fun. I don't take ranked seriously because I know I have to be one of the worst people in ranked to have on your team. I am just there to have fun, not to climb, or become 'the very best'. I play this game for entertainment. I play ranked because it is more of a challenge. When people comment goes back to normal, or unranked it does not impact me because I'm just there for fun, but it does to others. Some people are trying there hardest, and it is rude to discourage someone from trying. You can report them but that will just make those people even madder. In truth, those people are not going to climb, because they cannot accept the truth: They can improve, and learn from others. I understand that teams are random, but occasionally they don't and people should not get mad at this. I have played with or against people saying that they only had that person play with them because they know that they can win. Although yes there might be people out there who say this, people do not deserve to be called out like that. My last issue to bring up is people telling others not to play a champ because they are "bad", or "won't fit with the team comp." I understand team balance and stuff, but my first ranked game I played ahri, people told me not to because she was a trashy champ. Well you know what i played her, and i was crappy, but I tried because i played something I felt good playing, not a champ I just got. People can play a champ any champ whether it is meta or not, buffed, or downgraded, because they can still pull through a game, still come out on top. Don't get mad at people for just learning a champion, we were all there at some point, we all had our learning curve, or still are, but don't get mad a someone. People make mistakes, people get better, give them advice in a better way, and don't attack someone, report someone, or turn everyone against them because they do not know a champ very well. I might get some hat in the comments for this, but your rank does not matter, it does not label you, despite where you might be on the rank you can still be a really good player, you are not defined by a banner. I rarely show my banner because it makes people doubt my skill as a player, and that is not fair to judge or expect something from them, because everyone is different. Don't stereotype someone because of that.

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