Griefing Master Yi and trolling autofill and i still get perma banned for being tilted

Today i got my account banned becouse of flaming a griefing master yi. I know i should've not flamed him but its so hard not to. Ok so first the pregame The Support autofill was being a crybaby and spamming cuz he wanted to try out mordekaisers rework and i admit i was stupid for flaming him Game 1 Pre-Game LtAdrian: its called autofill LtAdrian: ... LtAdrian: ur r%%%%%ed LtAdrian: reported LtAdrian: fix ur english first tard LtAdrian: ... LtAdrian: little crybaby wants to try morde LtAdrian: ;/ And now about the griefing Master Yi, By mistake the support ''stole'' his red so he decided to farm all game and not gank a single lane. Tilted that he wouldnt gank even when he was close to my lane i started flaming: In-Game LtAdrian: ;/ LtAdrian: put wards in the jg LtAdrian: ffs LtAdrian: YI LtAdrian: WARDS??? LtAdrian: rep lee plz LtAdrian: yi * LtAdrian: it can be see this bot is fucked in the ass LtAdrian: ;/ LtAdrian: help LtAdrian: maybe LtAdrian: yeah rep yi ty 0 help LtAdrian: farms all game and still doesnt do shaits LtAdrian: sell your skin plz LtAdrian: u dont deserve it LtAdrian: what did i flame ;p LtAdrian: FFS LtAdrian: HOW R%%%%%ED CAN YOU BE LtAdrian: %%% LtAdrian: TRY AND GANK LtAdrian: YOU USELESS PIECE OF SHIT LtAdrian: SEJUANI GANKED 3 TIMES LtAdrian: AND U GANKED 0 TIMES LtAdrian: I WAS TALKING TO YI IMBECILE LtAdrian: ;/ LtAdrian: ;/ LtAdrian: thx for all the help LtAdrian: idiots LtAdrian: rep yi for being a big fucking 0 LtAdrian: why dont you stfu LtAdrian: u didint do shit all game LtAdrian: idfc LtAdrian: atleast trying LtAdrian: wouldve helped LtAdrian: but no LtAdrian: ur acting like a fucking crybaby LtAdrian: we are losing cuz of you LtAdrian: and sell skin btw LtAdrian: ur fucking shit LtAdrian: ur just r%%%%%ed and cant play LtAdrian: stop telling people to report someone when u didint help with shit LtAdrian: r%%%%% i swear LtAdrian: stop talking LtAdrian: ur useless LtAdrian: says the useless project yi LtAdrian: sell skin plz LtAdrian: stun LtAdrian: nice LtAdrian: 0 drakes LtAdrian: ;/ LtAdrian: just end and rep yi LtAdrian: i think ur fucking braindamged LtAdrian: fr now LtAdrian: 0 drakes 0 ganks LtAdrian: sadly LtAdrian: ur still useless LtAdrian: you lost us the game LtAdrian: how r%%%%%ed can you be? LtAdrian: or braindamaged LtAdrian: gg rep jg I know all this was a stupid move coming from myself and i kinda regret it. Can something be done about this? like a 2-3 week ban or smthing? I dont know why but some of my friends that are racist ingame get chat restrictions and on my 2nd adv. i get perma banned. i never got an chat restriction since ive been playing this game. Sorry for sounding like an imbecile. Hope something can be done about this.
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