Does Riot even care anymore

Honestly Im tired of making posts, I tired of sending tickets. I wish I could have all my money back that I spent on this game. I’m just not enjoying the services anymore. Ive been getting ranked games where Im constantly pressured to be doing the most in order to win its like if I don’t try the rest of them don’t care to and sometimes it isn’t enough but you guys know what I’m talkin about. I’ve been getting autofilled 4 out of five games I play each day so like what’s the point of it anymore I recently played a game and I just lost it because it happens too frequently and no one gives a fuck about my suffering no matter how much pleading begging and explaining I try to matter how much I try to stay positive it’s the same thing positive or toxic .....I don’t troll games I try my best every game everyday. when I’m wrong I admit my mistakes and I fix them but my team isn’t me ....I just played a game that broke my heart my team when 1/12 ....I was the only player that had that 1 kill and 0 deaths ..... I didn’t even get a chance to make an attempt at winning . Riot games Your system is seriously messed up and you know it but you don’t care. I genuinely think that if you listen to your community and take ideas the situation could be fixed very easily. But you are a proud and arrogant company that only listens to r.p purchases and pro players... if a pro player doesn’t suggest anything you guys don’t care about it and that shouldn’t be . A game is supposed to be a competitive fun and challenging but league of legends has moved from this to something very dark and no matter how many skins you sell it will only get worse and worse until it is fixed and I fear that when you Riot games realize this is when the game will virtually die out.
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