I was permanetly banned for using third party software without even having one..?

So, I tried to log in today as casual and when I clicked the sign in button(you know on the client), a message appeared telling me my account was permanetly banned for the use of prohibited third party software.I don't even have **ONE** software that would be prohibited by LOL(no discord,no mklol,nothing) the only thing I do while I play is opening youtube in the background....I actually I'm desperate to find out what I did to reserve this ban...I have this account from S2 almost and I have spent a lot of hours and money into it. (excuse me for my bad english :') ) {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} **This is the message:** > This account has been permanetly banned for the use of prohibited third part software.This kind of behaviour causes severe damage to our community and League's competitive integrity,so the action will not be reversed. The part where it says <> breaks my heart..
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