First Punishment I Received is a Instant Perma Ban

My account was immediately permanently suspended after a game due to the egregious nature of my behavior in humiliating other players and using the homophobic f-word. I am really sorry and I think I should be fully responsible for that. I am a foreigner who came to United States three years ago, and English is not my language. I have been trying very hard to learn this language. Yet I didn't understand the homophobic word I was using is that offensive and untolerable until now as I have seen and heard people using that word in my daily life. I didn't intent to use that word to targeting anybody for their sexual orientation. I feel responsible for my behavior and I would gladly accept and any other punishments other than permanently ban. I like this game. I have invested a lot of time and money into this game (I know this does not justify what I did). I have been a good player for most part of my past three years. I have never received any punishment in league of legends prior to this one, not even chat/ranked restriction. I found this post written by one of the riot employee "punishments for negative behavior in League should accomplish three things: Encourage moderately or occasionally negative players to reform,Shield players from negative experiences, and Remove players who won’t reform from League." . I think myself as a "occasionally negative players," and I don't think I am hopeless. I promise you that I will reform. I am usually very good at restrain myself, but I had a terrible day that day and was drunk and sleepless at 8 AM when I played that Game. Now I look back, I find my chat logs for that game was very disturbing and bad, filled with constant insult and repetitive usage of aforementioned homophobic words. I do understand my behavior in that game is punishable/up to the standard by permanently banned, but I just hope I could have another chance to redeem myself. Now I have looked through a lot of posts online and had a better understanding of the tribunal system. I just wish someone from Riot can take another look into my case, and take the clean record of my past games into consideration, so I can learn from my mistakes and improve from there. Don't abandon me riot please! I am truly sorry! Sincerely, Casterly Rock (Go Lannisters!)
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