League is still.. extremely... toxic...

Game 1 - Janna literally running to bot tower to afk. Nice. Game 2 - Two fresh level 30's that are duo toxic, blames jg entire game and constantly running it down (instant feedback report) Game 3 - Enemy teams Garen, no boots by 30 minutes. Literally botting or trolling . . both? (also a fresh level 30 account) Game 4 - Support pyke, 0-6 in 10 minutes, 10 deaths at the end of the game. Literally using summs in the pool and fucking around. (level 130 account) **When I look at my victories, they aren't wins** It's literally just because someone on their team is trolling. Oh look another pyke on enemy team thats 0 for 10 Oh look their Sylas jungle has no smite, died 15 times. Totally playing to win right?
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