I have an idea to all the players who lost their season rewards

Hello, I was one of the many players who miss their season rewards for bad behavior. If it was fair or not isnt important for what we will discuss here. I think there is a lot of controversy about eligible players for ranked rewards.. I personally dont think its fair that players punished before riot warning (about mid August) were eligible for ranked rewards, and people punished after mid August were not. My perspective of this is based on a single point: Both groups of this players were punished only one time on previous season, and yet only the group who was punished before riot warning get the rewards. Now lets focus on another point.. Season 7 ended if im not mistaken arround 6/7 November. Imagine a player getting a 14 day banned after the season end. He would still receive their rewards after those 14 days suspension. This isnt very coherent for me. What i am about to propose is, since 14 day ban players get their Honor level drop to 0, allow them to unlock their ranked rewards if they prove on the rift they have reformed. Take a look in this screenshot: https://gyazo.com/4e5861e6f4f59c06a7a1d973a9a143c6 " After serving your penalty and showing focus on staying cool, you'll get a notification unlocking your rewards again. " Make this for everybody who miss their season 7 rewards, and not just for those who got punished before mid August or after Season 7 end (November 7). Isnt coherent that players punished between mid August and 7 November are threaten differentely than others. Good night for everyone. EDIT: The screenshot i provided with the 14day suspension isnt my account or either my smurf. Its a screenshot i saw on league boards a couple of months ago, and i save it.
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