Remember when overwatch fixed toxicity by having a chat filter so if you said GG EZ it would say something like "My mommy said I shouldn't say those things" or something hilarious? Why don't we do this to Leagues chat system, this would fix the ban system once and for all, if you flame, swear, bad mouth, or trash talk, it will come up with a message encouraging positive behavior, so instead of "You fed" it says "Great job laning with that laner!" or "Good Try! Keep it up!" or "You Can Do It!". This would make the community so much better because everyone now cannot be toxic and there would be no more bans which is incredible, and plus the community becomes a nicer world. Just a suggestion, Overwatch has had huge success with it as there are little to no toxics on that game at all, if any. How to combat mean/toxic people - Combat it with the powers of friendly, nice gestures.
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