How to prevent the frustration from people going afk in ranked.

Hi Riot, I've a suggestion on how to deal with the frustration of ranked games where somebody leaves the game / is afk until he gets afk flagged by the client. How about not punishing the other 4 people in that game by giving them -lp for the loss but instead make it loss prevented and put the -lp on the leaver (or some sort of increased -lp). Ofcourse one could say: "Hey this could be abused by duo/multi queue." To prevent that howerver there could be a) an exception that the rule doesnt apply at all for the case that some premade goes afk or b) just put the punishment on the premade as well which would have an even greater learning effect for these people. It doesn't help anyone to know that the person going afk will be punished because we lost lp anyway. Greetz Smiley
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