Was this REALLY PERMABAN worthy? I mean, come on riot, way to take things out of context

Game 1 Tychusfindlay918: keep ganking me graves Tychusfindlay918: youre bad Tychusfindlay918: well udyr failed Tychusfindlay918: oh well Tychusfindlay918: i wonder what he did Tychusfindlay918: when they three or 4 man me thats time for you guys to farm and get your scale Tychusfindlay918: hopefully its worth Tychusfindlay918: kog is running klepot Tychusfindlay918: i talked shit just fine Tychusfindlay918: the only people who cant speak are my team Tychusfindlay918: 4 top Tychusfindlay918: look at this udyr talking Tychusfindlay918: they will ignore me if i go bot because the inhib isnt exposed Tychusfindlay918: your strat is trash Tychusfindlay918: go ahead and mute me Tychusfindlay918: youre horrible Tychusfindlay918: says nothing Tychusfindlay918: "toxic" Tychusfindlay918: meanwhile udyr cursing Tychusfindlay918: idc if you report me it has no foundation Tychusfindlay918: good work bot Tychusfindlay918: my split got us the infernal Tychusfindlay918: nice Tychusfindlay918: 2 top Tychusfindlay918: xayah Tychusfindlay918: what are you doing Tychusfindlay918: what are you doing Tychusfindlay918: why are you doing it Tychusfindlay918: nice Tychusfindlay918: calls me noob Tychusfindlay918: im toxic Tychusfindlay918: god bless Tychusfindlay918: go ahead Tychusfindlay918: good Game 2 Tychusfindlay918: lol Tychusfindlay918: rip Tychusfindlay918: ill just open top too since bot is doing it Tychusfindlay918: why even bother when your adc is fiddlesticks Tychusfindlay918: she didnt afk Tychusfindlay918: shes running ad runes Tychusfindlay918: going an ad build Tychusfindlay918: as an ad champ Tychusfindlay918: fiddle Tychusfindlay918: is going ad runes Tychusfindlay918: is afk Tychusfindlay918: and none of us flamed him Tychusfindlay918: he just had a shitty attitude since champ select Tychusfindlay918: and decided to afk Tychusfindlay918: immediately Tychusfindlay918: so no, tristana and fiddle are not comparable Tychusfindlay918: nice try Tychusfindlay918: bg wp Tychusfindlay918: i do Tychusfindlay918: mmhmm Tychusfindlay918: you should all open Tychusfindlay918: youre not winning Tychusfindlay918: clearly Tychusfindlay918: and when he picks fiddlesticks adc Tychusfindlay918: wand proceeds to immediately afk Tychusfindlay918: we should recognize Tychusfindlay918: that this game is over Tychusfindlay918: and we should all just open Tychusfindlay918: instead of having 3 clowns continue to lane/jungle Tychusfindlay918: idc if i got shat on by ww top Tychusfindlay918: I main darius Tychusfindlay918: youre still being a clown Tychusfindlay918: for continuing to try Tychusfindlay918: no i just dont care about playing chogath Tychusfindlay918: and only do so because darius sucks balls Tychusfindlay918: feel free to tell us that on our discord and reddit Tychusfindlay918: 45% winrate champ is winnable Tychusfindlay918: clown katarina Tychusfindlay918: and darius isnt competitive at all Tychusfindlay918: hasnt been since season 5 Tychusfindlay918: keep trying Tychusfindlay918: this is a smurf because my main account got banned Tychusfindlay918: permanently Tychusfindlay918: because I entertain fools like you Tychusfindlay918: muted Tychusfindlay918: t - 35 Tychusfindlay918: its whatever 4 is enough of a majority Tychusfindlay918: for the 20 minute Tychusfindlay918: if they dont end by then Tychusfindlay918: so its not too bad Tychusfindlay918: nocturne Tychusfindlay918: accept your fate Tychusfindlay918: its time I barely sweared and when I did it wasn't even at anyone. The worst I say is a singular "you're horrible" in response to someone calling me trash. Did that person who call me trash get perma banned? Ok Ok Ok, I gotcha, because I have been permabanned already (and what I did to get permad on my first account actually made sense because I was a super asshole) I have to be treated differently than ohers who act like assholes towards me just because they may have not been permad before (Even if it was only once). Gotcha rito, much appreciated. The third time around I guess I'll just be absolutely silent in all of my games, I mean, if even the smallest of insults as a response to people insulting me is enough to get me permad then I guess what I have to do is just mute all every game. Meanwhile so many high elo streamers like hashinshin can call other people literal garbage trash as well with thousands of people watching and not have action taken against them, god forbid I call someone who is harrassing me horrible. EDIT _**And if nothing else, if you guys didnt permaban that afk inting AD fiddlesticks on my team in the second game you guys are just mean.**_
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