PSA: IP bans do not work that way.

I'm getting sort of annoyed by all the people who say "IP ban this person already", and also feeling sympathetic for the people who are scared of playing in a different state or on a different pc because they think it will get them banned because their IP changed. That isn't how it works. That isn't how IPs work. Your IP is an identification number provided to your computer by your ISP on startup. This means that every time you turn off and back on your computer, you will have a new IP. You will not get banned for your IP changing, else there'd be no LoL players. Riot will almost definitely not ban an IP address, because then some random other person might be affected by it. They might however, ban a batch of IPs if an ISP does something to warrant said action. But that is their choice. Thank you for reading, this ha been a Public Service Announcement, brought to you by an extremely novice computer programmer. --EDIT-- Yes, I know not all IP addresses change; those are called static, I know this, but those about 90% of the time, aren't assigned to public users, public users like you and me, get dynamic IPs, assigned to us each time we turn on our computer, it is assigned from a selection of IPs that are issued to the router upon powering it on, or that is at least how my instructor explained it to my class, eitherway, IP bans won't work the way people think, and you still can't get in trouble for playing on a different computer and/or location.
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