Gonna Try

I'm gonna try to be far less negative over LoL both in game and out of game. For the longest time, I've been incredibly angry whenever I get into league to the point that I just eventually "rage quit" only to join some odd months later when something new and fresh is introduced to the game. But that's all LoL is, a freakin game. Just because a bunch of butthurt tryhards decide to be toxic towards its developers, its supporters, and/or its players doesn't mean I have to join in on the anti-fun that is the blame game. So, I'm gonna try to distance myself from all the hot garbage that is the rage (and not the good "big new thing" rage) while still enjoying the game itself. To start, I've taken on a new summoner name. Which is a big deal for me because I've not changed it once. I had the same name since 2011 (I think) when I first signed up for LoL. It was an original, an antique, but I felt with a change in attitude there ought to be a change in face, a change to serve as a reminder to myself to just stay chill. I'm Gonna Try. I'm gonna try to be chill in both game and in discussion. So, here's hoping for a positive future for me in league and for those I can call my allies and opponents. Good luck, everyone (myself included at the risk of sounding selfish), and have fun!
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