Why Am I baned? Does that really deserve a ban? Give me your honest opinion..

Game 1 AngelosZodiak: why not heal before AngelosZodiak: damnitslows AngelosZodiak: sorry AngelosZodiak: lulu slows AngelosZodiak: as hell AngelosZodiak: stillll slowss XD AngelosZodiak: early level 6 AngelosZodiak: sotronng AngelosZodiak: and i died twice AngelosZodiak: already AngelosZodiak: shes 5/0 AngelosZodiak: cause they have more pocks AngelosZodiak: and u missed all ur bubles AngelosZodiak: zones AngelosZodiak: by MF AngelosZodiak: MY AngelosZodiak: lane AngelosZodiak: no gank AngelosZodiak: no candy AngelosZodiak: Allright AngelosZodiak: take all farm nami AngelosZodiak: and cool im "Chillin" guys AngelosZodiak: ur so proo AngelosZodiak: show me more AngelosZodiak: this 0/4 Nami is pretty good AngelosZodiak: Yeah jax AngelosZodiak: just chill out AngelosZodiak: everything is fine AngelosZodiak: dont gank mid AngelosZodiak: Syndra can deal with i AngelosZodiak: it* AngelosZodiak: so come before it happens AngelosZodiak: because u never gank when u play jg AngelosZodiak: so maybe u can try to correct it AngelosZodiak: improve ur progression in jg AngelosZodiak: dont gank alone AngelosZodiak: etc.. AngelosZodiak: I guess you are pretty good AngelosZodiak: Am I right? AngelosZodiak: Ward it, AngelosZodiak: Prevent it AngelosZodiak: Gank him in HIS Jg AngelosZodiak: Im watchin u nami AngelosZodiak: You master of the League AngelosZodiak: Show me your last hit power AngelosZodiak: Report me for what? AngelosZodiak: im not afk.. AngelosZodiak: You dont know the difference.. AngelosZodiak: Im helpin u guys AngelosZodiak: As a support since Nami wanna take all my farm AngelosZodiak: What Can I do more? AngelosZodiak: Nononono AngelosZodiak: Shes is Better! AngelosZodiak: She told me AngelosZodiak: this game is over AngelosZodiak: As far as Im concerned AngelosZodiak: too many ppl here dont deserve to win AngelosZodiak: You dont need me Nami AngelosZodiak: You're way better than myself AngelosZodiak: You are doing fine AngelosZodiak: Try guys, to imagine how to build when Support is takin all the CS AngelosZodiak: and Flame me all game.. AngelosZodiak: thanks guys AngelosZodiak: Im not blamin my team AngelosZodiak: They doing fine AngelosZodiak: The jungler ask me some question about his gameplay AngelosZodiak: and he didnt like my answer,, AngelosZodiak: Last hit him Nami AngelosZodiak: our R ? AngelosZodiak: You mean mine? AngelosZodiak: I wont engage with is AngelosZodiak: it* AngelosZodiak: against a tank like malphite AngelosZodiak: Im keepin it to prevent ADC or APC to atk and kills everyone AngelosZodiak: My team ask me a question again AngelosZodiak: That was about me keepin my ult and not trowin it on MAlphite AngelosZodiak: wanna know the answer? AngelosZodiak: Dont hope too much AngelosZodiak: I got too much Honored and S to be reported AngelosZodiak: Did I do that bad in lane AngelosZodiak: Or did all that blame on me influence my plays? AngelosZodiak: Im not cryin at all AngelosZodiak: I told u AngelosZodiak: I dont care that u lose AngelosZodiak: U deserve it AngelosZodiak: Im not that kind of player AngelosZodiak: If u want me to carry AngelosZodiak: First you must be thanful AngelosZodiak: and Second you must be helpful
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