Discontent With RIOT's Suspension System

Firstly, i'm not looking for an unban like many others that post this same thread, I just want a little insight or clarification on the whole "no tolerance" policy. Edit: Please read the entire post before telling me that I deserve my 14 day or whatever, that's not what this is about. Overall i'm pretty cool headed when it comes to league of legends games, however when the new champion Zoe came out, I had the misfortune of facing her in mid lane with a champion I had no idea how to play. Throughout most of the game (from what I can recall) I was being flamed for complaining about how Zoe is busted (which is, I admit, a pretty dumb statement). However, because I wasn't the only one flaming in that game at all, and I reported the two people that were flaming me, why am I the only one suffering punishment? I've reported toxic people in the past, and whenever one gets banned I get a notification, but I got no notification for either of the toxic players in that game. So i'd like to know a couple things: 1. Is this game the only game I was punished for? 2. Why is there an immediate 14 day suspension after one mishap- even without warning? 3. What, if any, words in the log classify as hate speech? I see that the FAQ for suspensions states that all offensive behavior is subject to punishment, but why a 14 day ban for one game? Wouldn't a chat ban make more sense? I know several people that do more than what I did and they get punished less. [This guy got a chat restriction for being toxic throughout 3 games](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/fnazkYWL-stereotypical-i-know-but-i-wasnt-directly-flaming-any-summoner-so-why-the-chat-restriction?comment=000200000000) [This guy got a suspension for hate speech (%%%got) ](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/gVI5ruJM-14-day-suspension) [There are a bunch of people here discussing their general discontent towards the report system, worth a read.](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support/OrbYvuau-can-i-get-my-chat-logs-for-a-past-game) All in all, in my opinion, RIOT doesn't actually review the history of any given player before banning them. A one time offense ban is extremely harsh, especially for someone that invests time in League of Legends (and gives them money). Many people disagree with how RIOT proceeds with suspensions, and i'm sure the system could use a change or two. Alright i'm done rambling {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Thanks for reading, peeps Chat Log: >Game 1 > Collin Cancer: why are you fucked? > Collin Cancer: fuck that champ > Collin Cancer: that's actually fucking retardedly annoying > Collin Cancer: there's literally no counter play to her stun because it comes out at the speed of fucking light > Collin Cancer: how are you supposed to dodge that shit > Collin Cancer: Wow > Collin Cancer: Just fucking wow > Collin Cancer: I honestly give up > Collin Cancer: Zoe is too fucking broken > Collin Cancer: gj > Collin Cancer: dude fuck off > Collin Cancer: I need these kills stop trying to steal shit > Collin Cancer: welcome to zoe does broken amounts of damage down > Collin Cancer: how's your stay? > Collin Cancer: how THE FUCK > Collin Cancer: do you DODGE THAT SHIT > Collin Cancer: yeah that ult wasn't a good idea > Collin Cancer: she does damage even if she's behind > Collin Cancer: she's broken > Collin Cancer: i was texting, asshole > Collin Cancer: *cuz zoe's broken af > Collin Cancer: if you wanna fucking try and play zoe go ahead > Collin Cancer: i'm fucking permabanning that shit > Collin Cancer: Don't blame me for losing lane to this op piece of shit > Collin Cancer: wow he does fuck tons of damage > Collin Cancer: yup. > Collin Cancer: fuck off %%%% > Collin Cancer: don't care > Collin Cancer: eat a dick > Collin Cancer: sure bud > Collin Cancer: let me go through menopause first There are no more games posted in the ban notification I received.

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