Hello context is important here.

It's important to know about context in this, I'm not doing the whole "i'm a victim" sort of thing. and i know about the whole "we dont care who started it" but just look and let me explainGame 1 In-Game gNarNar: lets get this W gNarNar: watch for invade gNarNar: leonoa strong invade gNarNar: can we stop feeding xin gNarNar: must be nice to literally just get 3 kills of turret diving team mates gNarNar: nah you can look at my match history <------------ flaming of me name calling and blaming of me begins gNarNar: you're literally morons that can't set up shit *Zed retorts my current 0/0/0 in the game and flames me* gNarNar: look at my match history gNarNar: but keep turret diving the xin *the 0/6 jinx and the 3/4 zed precede to double flame me* gNarNar: you fucking MORONS gNarNar: seriously gNarNar: look at my match history gNarNar: 12/4 12/8/ *Zed flaming me again I die alt tab out to look at his match history since he wants to bother me about mine and how i need to be carried* gNarNar: look at your match history LOL gNarNar: 9/11 yas gNarNar: 10/9 yi *flaming me again spams all chat for reports* gNarNar: SHUT THE FUCK UP gNarNar: AHAHAGHAHAHAHAHAHAGHAQHA *flaming me more i turn to mocking him after he keeps talking in all chat* gNarNar: UDYR PLEASE STOP CALLING ME OUT ON MY BULLSHIT PLEASE STOP!!1 gNarNar: Grasping at straws gNarNar: 3/5 akali *Calls me kid tells me to get carried, just repeat him mockingly* gNarNar: you're literally impossible to carry kid *Attempting to farm jungle here in an attempt to buy items and get again the flaming adc walks over to me and just starts to steal my creeps while flaming me* gNarNar: alright you're trolling me gNarNar: so afk farming it is gNarNar: have fun and thanks for the carry if you can pull it off *zed insults me and also uses the wrong "your* gNarNar: you're* gNarNar: You're obviously brain dead. gNarNar: w gNarNar: nah jinx you wanna take my krugs *basically them calling me names flaming them and me just mocking them for it* gNarNar: "my udyr wont turret dive!" gNarNar: the xin keeps killing me when i turret dive!!! where is our jungle!!! gNarNar: man if only bot lane didn't feed him gNarNar: some how him going 10/0 is my fault gNarNar: look at my match history mr. 4/8 alkali gNarNar: you literally should be iron 4 gNarNar: stay mad and grasping at straws *Zed telling me "how do you go 0/2 as a jungle"* So i tell him yeah you went 1/7 just 2 games ago ? gNarNar: you went 1/7 gNarNar: as a jungle gNarNar: HAHAHA *Literally just spam flaming me* gNarNar: man you really need to cope some how right? gNarNar: cope cope cope gNarNar: it's all you can do gNarNar: gotta vent your sexual frusteration some how gNarNar: typical "i keep diving and pushing against turret and i let someone how 10/0 this is some how everyones fault but my own" typical toxic bullshit gNarNar: so zed why did you got 1/7 in a ranked game gNarNar: same reason you went 1/7 gNarNar: and 3/8 as vayne gNarNar: and 8/14 gNarNar: and 4/5 gNarNar: and 2/8 gNarNar: nah i'm just wating on my carry like you said i should gNarNar: report me for what gNarNar: explain gNarNar: 2/13 draven gNarNar: 10/15 kog gNarNar: 3/8 vayne gNarNar: 8/14 vayne gNarNar: literally a salty tryhard bully gNarNar: whining that you died to xin *begging for reports and whining about his team* gNarNar: uhuh *Zed tells me "get muted kid" so i mock him before he mutes me* gNarNar: OH NO WHAT WILL I DO gNarNar: good moves zed keep it up gNarNar: damn can't win them all i guess Post-Game *Zed BEGGING for reports post game after flaming me and baiting me into arguments* gNarNar: nah zed salty af gNarNar: all lanes salty because they kept diving gNarNar: "report udyr for..." gNarNar: for? gNarNar: for what gNarNar: still can't explain the report gNarNar: for uhhh" feeding" gNarNar: look at your match history zed gNarNar: seriously gNarNar: and look at mine gNarNar: there's a reason So sure, it "looks" with out the context of the game like i'm flaming the "poor randoms" in the game, but it's not that. This was after the mid, top and bot begain to blame me for their bad play style, and after the mid began tunneling into me about my current K/D which was 0/0/0 at the time. I gave no threats, no hate speech or anything like that, i wasn't flaming, i was getting flamed and defending myself by using the word moron to describe my teammates reaction towards me. If you watch the replay, my Strategy went as follows, As udyr level 2, i can fight almost anyone, so the goal was to keep the xin behind, I almost get first blood off him before he flashes safely to the turret. Okay, fine. Ill get him next time top, bot, mid ect all begin to lose their lanes.Xin attempts to gank top, I see that and take a dragon hoping jax tries to get away, He doesnt, instead opting to turret dive the now low health Xin. I get dragon but now my gameplan goes out the window, I do not flame him, i do not say anything just keep playing my game attempting to get ahead. Around this time bot dies for the double, Can't gank bot now. looking for a gank mid, mids against turret, Xin ganked and is now low, Zed turret dives him, giving him the kill. now at this point there's nothing i can do besides keep taking objectives and hope xin doesnt counter gank, bot lane is a 1v2 constantly, as either 1 of them dies or recalls or both so bot is mostly lost, so i keep taking dragons, heralds ect. around this time the 0/4 bot and the mid (who might be duos) start flaming the f*ck out of me after xin once again get his 3rd kill due to a turret dive. At this point there's not much at all i can do, all lanes are lost, xins ahead due to turret diving (not because he ganked he just so happened to get clean up kills) and i'm the one being flamed for it. So, I call the person calling me names and flaming me moron, He makes fun of me being 0/0/0 (mind you while we are up 4 dragons that i solo'd and a herald.) He throws more insults at me, flames me, his duo does as well. So i retort with his negative K/D/As from his last few games, the same thing he is doing to me except this is after he tunneled into me and after he begged in all chat for reports. I comment to the xin simply "must be nice getting 3 kills off turret divers". I do say to my flamer that they are a moron for not setting anything up in the first place and also comment on the fact that some how the jihn going 10/0 is my fault because....? This angry little man and his duo, not only flamed me, blamed their bad plays on me not being in their lane (while i was contesting objectives) but then begged for reports against me. Defending myself from flaming isn't toxic, what they were doing was hella toxic. I never blamed my actions on them but i blamed their actions on them. I didnt say "this lose is everyone fault but my own" they basically did. On top of that, you can read chat and see, i did not use racism, hate speech, flaming,threads or trolling. (something they actually did). I wanted the game to end and me to move on with my life, but they are so hateful and so spiteful that after they flame they also have to report for non sense, like being called a moron. I was not flaming them but defending myself from their flaming all with out using hate speech, begging for report, after i was called a "r word". I was called "kid first" talked down to, said that some how them dying 10+ times bot lane was my fault. that xin being 3/0 was my fault (except the fact that all his kills before hand were due to turret dives against him) and after i was flamed endless i said "because you guys are morons that can't set hsit up" Yeah, which isn't toxic it's the truth, I had no threats of violence, no racism, no hate speech and my "spamming" of K/D was after zed continued to harrass, blame and tunnel into me about my current 0/0/0. I mean, nothing i said is nothing an adult can't handle. the report against me was done PURELY out of spite he didn't like what happened and after flaming and flaming and flaming and flaming after THEY kept messing up thinking that some how it's not my duty to gank lanes that are ahead that they keep pushing into turret would some how change everything, as i said in chat it was typical "me going 0/6 is some how the jungles fault" I was ready to move on wth my live after this match but these people were so spiteful that after they baited me into them out for their actions like spite me. With out the full context of the game and what was being said to me, THis just doesnt work out. But i will say after the match I reported the person as well who actually was toxic and i got report feed back too. I can understand if this was purely flaming innocent teammates but we see streamers say worse, I didnt type anyone to kill themselves, i didnt call anyone the rword or any type of "word" i said they were morons for blaming me and i had to remind my zed what his k/ds were after he told me 0/1/ with udyr wow play someone different you can't do shit blah blah blah blah blah after once again diving for a kill he knows he can't get a 3rd time. also when i say "him going 10/0 is my fault" it wasn't the xin that was fed but the jihn. Bot basically went as follows, Zero wards, pushing to turret always, no dodging leo skill shots, getting caught in jihn traps constantly, he'd get a double kill every single time the lane reset while bot was also behind, Maybe i could have played it better but we are'nt here to talk about the gameplay behind it, i personally saw zero opportunity to gank. the xin was 3/0 ended up finshing the game at 4/12. all 3 of those kills he got early were him hitting someone once under turret and them dying and then i'm getting flamed, called bot, told to stop playing the game, told my match history, spammed to me my current K/D, pinged, had my farm taken in jungle while i'm trying to take it it was a lost game and i was waiting to move on with my life entirely and not get caught up in it. But like i said spiteful teammates. only after i was being flamed did i decide to call anyone morons, only after i was blamed for them dying every reset did i take my opportunity to defend myself.
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