Over the past few days people have harassed me, flamed me, and intentionally griefed me due to me picking Yuumi in champ select. Hovering her made someone ban her almost 80% of the time so I just stopped hovering her until the ban phase was over. In my last game i did more damage than our jungle, our adc, and our top and I still got flamed in post game chat being called useless and that it was basically a 4v5 because of my pick. I understand the negative stigma but usually when we win games when I'm yuumi its because I have a positive impact on the team showing that she ISNT absolutely useless and is actually quite good in the right hands. Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with this flame? I can obviously mute during the game but most of the flame and harassment show up in pre game and post game chat. To the point where I pick Yuumi and someone on the team just says "gg we lost already so I wont try this game" and flames until the game starts and I'm able to mute. It's kind of sucking the fun out of playing the champ as a whole.
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