Please stop with the toxicity...

I still don't, and will never, understand how every game i'm in the most toxic players are consistently bronze. Can i just please say one thing here to any bronze players reading this... you have no room to be toxic to anyone. I'm high silver, playing my second weakest role in placements, so probably around mid gold, and I never talk shit to anyone because i know i'm still near the bottom level of skill in the game. It is 99% of the time that bronze players are the only ones being extremely rude in game and it needs to stop. At least get to silver before you judge anyone's play. This happens mostly in norms also, a game mode that doesn't even affect your rank. I just wanted to write this because the consensus among gamers is that league of legends is the most toxic community. We need to start looking at ourselves and realizing that if we are still in bronze that is may not be every one else on your team, but you.
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