Another gang report gone wrong

instant got flamed by teammate - literally chat restricted lost my honor level which was nearly 4. I'm done with your game. you can have it now, this is the third time i've been flamed by people on my team and then got chat restricted for calling them out on being toxic. I like how the chat logs don't show ANY of the intermediary things said, like how i had to mute my teammates pings cause he wouldn't stop pinging me and then telling me to do opposite things then flaming me for doing what he pinged and telling me how i have 0 map awareness and that i'm toxic, nobody wants to play a game with people like that. i had to mute him only to have my teammates gang up on me, best part is, we had no chance to win from the start due to your terrible matchmaking system. games are almost NEVER close. on top of having to play with people that are going to incessantly flame you causing you to not want to play the game anymore but it's disconcerting that no matter what you do , play the game, don't say anything, be a zombie on x it's not going to matter, you will set out to ruin the game for everyone and reward people that flame in order to get reports and ruin peoples honor levels since it's a thing they can do now. wonderful system you've built. take a page from other developers and just close up shop ya'll suck. I reported this guy for flaming me and he didn't get any chat restriction when he is the one instigating everything. it's very clear what your community is about and what you as game developers are concerned with, nothing. I doubt you even pay a decent wage to your engineers. It shows. hang the hat. Game 1 In-Game ForkinMyPork: i cannot ply this champ ForkinMyPork: he eating me so bad ForkinMyPork: wtf is thait? ForkinMyPork: go mid? ForkinMyPork: and then run back? ForkinMyPork: im done ForkinMyPork: seeya ForkinMyPork: i don't care to afk ForkinMyPork: game is over ForkinMyPork: im about to de rank anyway ForkinMyPork: i never did good ForkinMyPork: ever ForkinMyPork: i died at level 2 ForkinMyPork: supe far beyhind ForkinMyPork: and now fuck udyr ForkinMyPork: we lost ForkinMyPork: i've played over 2000 games lol ForkinMyPork: admit defeat and move on ForkinMyPork: i give up ForkinMyPork: they're map hacking now ForkinMyPork: definitely a balance issue ForkinMyPork: if im' queued jungle ForkinMyPork: they dont need to send us a bunch of plat players ForkinMyPork: im just gonna die a lot ForkinMyPork: so if you're not willing to win then idk ForkinMyPork: why does vayne grunt when auto attacking ForkinMyPork: their whole team ForkinMyPork: is literally ForkinMyPork: on top of us ForkinMyPork: it's over ForkinMyPork: im done ForkinMyPork: im sitting at base ForkinMyPork: so ff or just do nothing ForkinMyPork: waste time i guess if u don't have a life ForkinMyPork: can't report someone for playing the game ForkinMyPork: their team ForkinMyPork: is pure split ForkinMyPork: dash/speedups ForkinMyPork: WE HAD NO CHANCE ForkinMyPork: how can u not notice this? ForkinMyPork: positioning matters 0 ForkinMyPork: look at their comp ForkinMyPork: they are clearly coordinated and planned this ForkinMyPork: ok well deny reality but ForkinMyPork: blaming others ForkinMyPork: is unsportsmanlike Post-Game ForkinMyPork: most unsportsmanlike team i played with yet! ForkinMyPork: and i've only played a few games Game 2 In-Game ForkinMyPork: next time we get ashe first thanks ForkinMyPork: i have to now ForkinMyPork: everyone is fed ForkinMyPork: ashe fed is gg for us really though ForkinMyPork: in my lane ForkinMyPork: im afk ForkinMyPork: have fun guys ForkinMyPork: i am forever sitting under turrets rest of game ForkinMyPork: no more moving away from turret ForkinMyPork: can't trade that ForkinMyPork: no rotation ForkinMyPork: yea ForkinMyPork: i wanted to run but your pings ForkinMyPork: gotta mute u now ForkinMyPork: bad reports give you negative feedback btw ForkinMyPork: reports are worth less the more u use them ForkinMyPork: esp if you're just tilted ForkinMyPork: have to mute u sorry you're so toxic ForkinMyPork: now you've tilted me so i play worse ForkinMyPork: you think they have a chance still? ForkinMyPork: by throwing? ForkinMyPork: cause we have toxic people on our team? ForkinMyPork: idk why anyone thought that'd work ForkinMyPork: sona makes their grouping op ForkinMyPork: we're a pick comp? ForkinMyPork: kill the stragglers ForkinMyPork: one peel on our team ForkinMyPork: and he's orange ForkinMyPork: end yea? ForkinMyPork: gg Post-Game ForkinMyPork: muted whole game still talking huh?
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