This has to be a mistake

I received a 14 day ban for this... i was having a bad game and the bot lane started harassing me, telling me i suck, and that im sh*t and telling the other team to report me.... the only thing I said all game is shown in the logs below. Please tell me this ban can be overturned... the things that get said in league and this is a bannable offense??? **Game 1** **In-Game** Siex: for what? Siex: i was getting 4v1 most of the game under my own tower... jungler obviously did nothing Siex: and you want to report me Siex: i was kicked Siex: lee kicked me Siex: theres a reason you guys are 2/4 Siex: and its not my fault Siex: your lane came mid... not the other way around Siex: i went bot and they were hiding out Siex: ahhh you finished silver last season... makes sense Siex: and alistar bronze Siex: i see **Post-Game** Siex: gg _Siex Left match_ EDIT: this is the game in question EDIT 2: I got it reversed! turns out I was flagged because I was just explaining the toxicity of 'kys' in a previous match. proof: Ill see you on the fields!
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