New honor award concept

Hello. I am not very good at making threads, but I have a neat idea that I think could add to the honor award system and which addresses two problems. - The first problem is that some people aren't that enthusiastic about the honor awards so they see no need to behave. - The second problem is that a lot of players find it frustrating to get to 95-99lp instead of being able to jump straight into their promo games. My solution is that after a player reaches honor level 3, that player will be able to have a 5lp leniency so that if they get to 95+lp, they will be able to jump straight into their promo games. It may not seem like a big number, but it would help a lot of players and encourage everyone to raise their honor level. Possible problem: If a player could enter promo games at 95lp, it would be almost the same as entering at 100lp since if they were to get 94lp, they would still be frustrated for not getting that 1 extra lp. - Possible solution (1): it's a 5lp gift, so there is not really room to argue. - Possible solution (2): the 5lp gift won't be automatic, but rather the player has to "cash in" on the honor points system to be able to jump that extra 5lp. This jump would only work if the player was between 95-99lp, and that player could not use it every time. They have to accrue some sort of honor points to be able to use this award again. If the player decides to never use the 5lp boost, perhaps they could use those points to get some extra orange essence instead. Thank you for taking time to read this thread, and have a wonderful day!
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