The level of Toxicity

Played an Aram. Ya know the game mode where its supposed to be for fun. A game mode to let off some steam. A mode yes i try to win but also not take it as serious. Well a game with this Kalista and WOW. I know people are toxic but this guy reached a new level of toxicity. He started off by basically screaming (if you could scream over the computer he would have been) at our Rengar for being AFK for 2 minutes. The guy said he had went to get a drink and came back and minions had just spawned and nothing had happened yet. Constantly telling the Rengar that he should be banned for going afk. even tho it was 2 minutes he felt like rengar deserved to be banned and that him and the players like him were the reason that this game and community were trash. He was cursing all game at us. Constantly telling everyone how bad they were, mind you he finished the game 4-8-5 and was a relative low rank. But none the less I don't give anybody any crap over their play because i've been there, we all have been in a game where you just aren't playing at your best. But still I reported this player after the game for negative attitude and verbal abuse. I dont understand why people feel the need to be so negative and toxic. Sometimes people have bad games or they just aren't having a good day but still i reported this summoner not for his play but his attitude and after my next aram game i received this message and i'm just happy to know that the tribunal is working and is punishing those who deserve it. Thanks Riot you made my Sunday after this!! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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