Please fix the Lack of punishment issued to AFK players in Diamond+

Backstory: I've recently fallen a few divisions in diamond and have been spamming games trying to climb my way back up. I am getting AFK's in just under 50% of my games. When I report these players I can honestly say that I get report feedback about 1 in every 20. I understand you can't just ban people or give people long queues because of one person getting unlucky in their ranked games. However, I have seen the same people in my games going AFK and if not AFK then running it down mid without any punishment being issued. This is not healthy for the game and is very demotivating to try and get better at the game when 50% of my matches result in AFK's. At first, I thought that I was getting target trolled. I continued playing with this in mind for about 3 weeks. Today I reached my breaking point when I had 3 AFK games in a row. So, I changed my name thinking it would solve the issue. It didn't. For those that say; "you're probably just toxic", "everyone has those games it's part of league", I have all chat and team chat disabled. If you had auto losses in half of your games because of afk's and/or intentional feeders, with no visible punishment being issued, would you not also be upset? EDIT: This post was not specifically meant for Diamond+. That is the elo I'm currently in.
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