Way too many of you are making light of disabilities to insult people who make errors.BLANKing STOP.

I see it in nearly half the games I lose (hell, even sometimes when we win). "What are you, autistic? stop screwing up!" Riot is bleeping out "cancer" so now it seems like they need to bleep this too, because its disgusting how often I see this. People on the autism spectrum are not stupid, I happen to be an aspie and so this really hits home when people do it. It's not funny, it never will be, and it paints people with this difficulty in a completely inaccurate light. STOP. Just remember you will be reported for hate speech every time you do thiis. Whatever happened to "you're bad?" its still rude but it at least isn't disgusting (or, to tone it down a bit, highly misinformed) -edit- I'm really disappointed in this community as a whole. the pattern of up and downvotes tells me that the League community as a whole tolerates this type of langauge as flaming banter. I was apparently under a false impression that Riot and the community both generally disapproved of this kind of toxic behavior.

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