The lack of communication with Riot is a major part of the reason why the community is so toxic

Ive been around since very early season 1. Started in NA, transfered to LAS (where i lived), and left this profile with the sole intention of participating in the boards. Back in the day, in the old Forums, Riot was generally way more active[,]( and the way they engaged the community was way better. These Boards have been in "Beta" forever, and ever since they emerged things just went downhill as far as communication goes, during that time i noticed the community noticeably got worse, especially when they shut down the Tribunal. I cant remember the last time i saw **Morello**, _Xelnarth_, Guisno, Zilean, GrumpyMonkey, and many other great Rioters on ANY thread at all. For instance, i did not even know one of my favorite Rioters, creator of Leona, IronStylus, didnt work at riot until just a month ago when i saw a thread saying "Ex Rioter Ironstylus ..." And i searched him up to see he was no longer at Riot. These boards suck so much, that Morello doesnt even use the boards to talk about game design anymore... [HE USES GOD DAMN TWITTER]( One of your most legendary designers and greatest employees, whom i view as the equivalent of what Thrall is to the Hoard, Morello is to Riot, doesnt even use the medium you placed to communicate with us.... are you happy with this? [**The old, MASSIVE Threads, like this one**]( with titans like Zileas (which i saved, because frankly i still think it was the greatest League Thread of all time), just dont exist anymore. And you know whats worse? I dont even think that for the time being, they COULD exist anymore :( This is because in their continued absence over the years, the community has degraded itself into a whinning, witch hunting, angry thing that can rarely rationally talk about things like they did in that Thread i linked, and so, few Rioters even dare poke their heads out anymore, which in turn, helps keep the problem of lack of communication going. --------------------- Ive seen many replies by Rioters saying that although they are quite, they DO listen, as well as that they recognize that their is a communication problem. But ive been seeing this for nearly 3 years now.... and its just one of those things that never seems like its being fixed, and its steadily chipping away at the faith in Riot. /EndRant
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