End of season Honor and Chat Restrictions

Heads up to everyone that did not know or may be newer to the game like myself. At this stage of the season, if you get your even FIRST chat restriction (as minor as it may be) you lose all end of season rewards. Ive never had a single disciplinary issue before, and PG13 rated lost my cool on a duo harassing a random teammate, and I had enough, I asked them to stop and got a little negative, but never cussing or becoming as vulgar or hateful as they did. And I got my first ever chat restriction. Riot is unsympathetic and has stripped all my honor and rewards. I have wasted hundreds of dollars on this game. To have no equal opportunity for redemption or plan in place for timing allowing players to waste a whole season is so unfortunate. If you had an issue earlier in the season, you probably restored your honor by now.... but regardless of level, they strip you down to 1 at any stage in the game...... Dock me an entire honor level, but to reset me after going so far after trying to stand up for a stranger....especially for a first offense...? wow.. Good luck in your business endeavors and recruiting new players, Riot. You need to re-evaluate your system
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