Hilarious ban. This company has become Orwellian.

Game 1 In-Game Grubner: nah Grubner: sry ur just such a bad player and bad pick Grubner: im not gonna bother with u Grubner: such trash lol Grubner: literally gank the worst lanes Grubner: and leave the best scaling champ alone Grubner: what a great jungler Grubner: its really funny too kaisa Grubner: because ryze will blow you up in 2 seconds Grubner: all because you didnt gank him Grubner: gonna be funny to watch Grubner: j4 camped me. Grubner: thanks 100% to you Grubner: you are a GARBAGE jungler Grubner: dont even begin to understand the role Grubner: beyond Grubner: "kill jungle creeps" Grubner: i agree Grubner: quite funny Grubner: definitely dont gank the pushed bot Grubner: just farm away Grubner: you pro you Grubner: lol Grubner: you are so bad its actually really funny to watch Grubner: im rofling Grubner: yep, nothing wrong with being the worst jungler on the planet Grubner: wood 12 Grubner: whole team really Grubner: id say our jg is much worse than the bot, at least bot understands what they are supposed to do Grubner: hahahahahaha Grubner: are you being serious? Grubner: you cant be Grubner: lololololol Grubner: good troll j4 10/10 Grubner: hard to win a 1v2 bud Grubner: oh we lost this a WHILE ago Grubner: about the 10th gank at mid Grubner: we lost Game 2 Pre-Game Grubner: mid Grubner: eats cake? Grubner: maybe likes cake? Grubner: make Grubner: a cake Grubner: bake Grubner: fake In-Game Grubner: seems reasonable Grubner: i mean, only abusive people hit Grubner: well thats a bad sign Grubner: yi is lategame so... Grubner: their yi ganks, ours doesnt, cant get dove. Grubner: try 6 ganks, and im not trolling. im trying to win with a crappy jungler. Grubner: oh hey look, yi is huge like i knew he would be when our jungler never ganked one time Grubner: but yep, totally my fault Grubner: lol yi is still talking? been muted since he started Game 3 Pre-Game Grubner: support In-Game Grubner: u cs Grubner: lol Grubner: every game Grubner: no team mates Grubner: might as well be 1v5 Grubner: dont speak to me thanks Grubner: prefer not to talk to idiots if you dont mind. Grubner: pretty sure we just won Grubner: "Go ADC Ashe!" *picks adc* "Ashe is such a troll." I already know what the majority of the community will say to these logs. "you were toxic" blah blah blah. The point I want to make here, is that compared to what was being said and done to me, my comments are incredibly tame, especially in game 2 and 3. I really don't care about getting anything repealed, as I honestly just think its hilarious that i literally just got suspended for GETTING trolled and harassed by the league community at large. The worst part is riot encourages this behavior by letting people ping my runes, items and champion etc. I get that you people don't like off meta, but that doesn't give people the right to berate me for 30 minutes, and I definitely shouldn't be banned for standing up for myself when 3 or 4 other people are harassing me simply because they don't like the character i picked in a video game. Honestly pathetic. I dare any rioter to post the full logs for these games so that there can be a record of how incredibly toxic your ENTIRE community has become, or maybe to prove what I am saying wrong. Either way, I would love for the names to be removed from the chat logs and have both the chat and ping logs posted in conjunction. You have the most toxic community in the world, and your game encourages toxicity further, and you probably know it and use it as a business strategy to force people to buy new accounts when they inevitably get sick of your incredibly toxic community and game. I dare riot or any mod, or any red to prove me wrong by posting the logs, show everyone that you ban properly and that i'm the toxic one, not your game or community.
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