How can this be fair? Chat restricted for 25 games

Game 1 In-Game KillerKing48: gj top KillerKing48: ok gj KillerKing48: lure him to me not to the tower KillerKing48: :) KillerKing48: check replay if u dont belive KillerKing48: ima farm for 6 and go bot KillerKing48: love the feeding bot KillerKing48: good for him KillerKing48: ty KillerKing48: nice cs ez KillerKing48: nice lane top KillerKing48: and cs KillerKing48: life of a jg get blamed because people suck KillerKing48: ff 15 KillerKing48: we lost KillerKing48: mute everyone then KillerKing48: WHY ARE U WAITING EZ KillerKing48: FFS KillerKing48: GO IN CANT DEPEND ON ADC AT ALL KillerKing48: lmao KillerKing48: welp KillerKing48: plz end KillerKing48: always jg fault never the laners KillerKing48: cant do anything with bad laners thats y we lost KillerKing48: report top? KillerKing48: did he really flame? KillerKing48: use rift pla end KillerKing48: not reporting lee it looks like KillerKing48: cool so what trynd? KillerKing48: NOOE KillerKing48: nope* KillerKing48: u didnt let me dance so i wont report KillerKing48: YES KillerKing48: :) Game 2 Pre-Game KillerKing48: :)* KillerKing48: :< KillerKing48: :> KillerKing48: ^_^ KillerKing48: T KillerKing48: T_T KillerKing48: O-O KillerKing48: or the best teammate :) In-Game KillerKing48: guess troll sup KillerKing48: unlucky KillerKing48: ? KillerKing48: oh aery thouhgt wtf u talking bout LOL KillerKing48: :) KillerKing48: report supp inting KillerKing48: u also tried to steal my red KillerKing48: YES! KillerKing48: take blue KillerKing48: dont forget to rep supp KillerKing48: look at her cs KillerKing48: she is griefing KillerKing48: if u rep morg KillerKing48: deal then KillerKing48: this jax omg KillerKing48: yup KillerKing48: ... KillerKing48: MY GOD KillerKing48: HE WAS 1/5 KillerKing48: WTF IS THAT CHAMP KillerKing48: yea ik KillerKing48: more cs then adc.. KillerKing48: i hate this jax he is broken wtf KillerKing48: he was 1/5 KillerKing48: yea u cant go from 1/5 to 5/5 with just 80 more cs KillerKing48: sure KillerKing48: nice cs KillerKing48: that really helped u KillerKing48: we cant kill him Tell me what i said wrong.

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