I just got a 14 day suspension from level 3 honor for this.

I've said words I shouldn't have. Called someone an idiot and said "cancer" but in the sense that a certain mechanic is cancer. I know I shouldn't have said this, and I do deserve punishment but I feel a 14 day suspension is waaaaay too harsh for this. What is your opinion on this? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game 1 In-Game superfire444: why superfire444: didnt except you int superfire444: idk what u expec superfire444: i wanred y ou superfire444: we dont have lane priority superfire444: jng gap superfire444: you're an idiot superfire444: almost superfire444: like graves inted my lane superfire444: and now i have to give up lane priority superfire444: and he can roam superfire444: dude superfire444: are you b5? superfire444: you mean superfire444: i should follow superfire444: when i dont had vision of j4 superfire444: and you're fed cuz graves ints superfire444: it's my fault superfire444: LOL superfire444: god superfire444: i wonder why i dont havemore cs mid superfire444: with all the ganks... superfire444: and fed flad superfire444: they should honor me for not dieing superfire444: instead they flame cuz they don't understand the game superfire444: JUST RUN AWAY superfire444: YOU DONT HAVE TO GET THE BLUE superfire444: JSUT RUN superfire444: WE CANT HELP superfire444: oh yea definitely mid gap superfire444: i know superfire444: cause you're behind superfire444: cause you inted 3-4x in the first 5mins superfire444: game is done superfire444: keep on pushing bot superfire444: <3 superfire444: i know superfire444: sadly my jng inted superfire444: so go mid???????// superfire444: LOL superfire444: you decide to go bot superfire444: rather than mid superfire444: when there is a wae superfire444: k superfire444: please just go end superfire444: im done superfire444: constant falme superfire444: ofc i am superfire444: totally not because grave fed vlad superfire444: i get ganked superfire444: i get pushed in superfire444: but it's my fault bot died 5x to a gank superfire444: yea because i can totally do shit superfire444: when people int my lane superfire444: explain superfire444: How did i throw the game. superfire444: explain superfire444: LOL superfire444: says the guy dieing at their blue superfire444: you wanna fight the 10-0 vlad superfire444: LOL superfire444: sigh superfire444: ok once more superfire444: i cant follow vlad for 2 reasons superfire444: 1. he pushes me in superfire444: 2. if i follow i ide superfire444: is that easy to understand superfire444: I can explain agian superfire444: yea report me for playing passive against a strong enemy superfire444: correct superfire444: yea because inting doe superfire444: see superfire444: thats how much we can do superfire444: swain is lategame btw superfire444: bard superfire444: honestly superfire444: are you bronze superfire444: you're def b5 mentally superfire444: k superfire444: its like i had no one at all superfire444: Ok superfire444: waoit superfire444: i 'blame' people superfire444: when they give first blood? superfire444: then complain when i play passive superfire444: LOL superfire444: let superfire444: ok superfire444: 1. i didnt flame superfire444: 2. i did after they started flaming me superfire444: Im not playing bad superfire444: because he is superfire444: litearlly gave up first blood superfire444: Literally died at blue when i pinged 500x to go back superfire444: wanna know the funniest thing of this all superfire444: they would've flamed me anyway superfire444: if i followed and went 0/109 like them Post-Game superfire444: i cant superfire444: they are too stupid to understand how lanes work superfire444: and lane priority superfire444: but next time superfire444: i follow yall advise superfire444: and int like im supposed to int superfire444: compared to you graves superfire444: im a god at league superfire444: k bard superfire444: what do i do? superfire444: play agro as swain with 0 itmes vs a fed vlad? superfire444: do i follow and die to him? superfire444: oh yea superfire444: it's all my fault superfire444: not the graves who gave first blood superfire444: or who died at your blue superfire444: not the botlane who died to ganks 5000x superfire444: it's me for playing passive because that's what i was supposed to do superfire444: ok Game 2 In-Game superfire444: mid no R superfire444: it does 5000 damagaeE? superfire444: yes superfire444: thats insane superfire444: thats 30% of my hp superfire444: it's k superfire444: you play well superfire444: first you dont do shit superfire444: then steal my famr? superfire444: fun champ superfire444: i cant do shit btw superfire444: you engage post 6 every time superfire444: and i cant do shit superfire444: lee had to gank and put pressure superfire444: but he did fuck all superfire444: you're perma pushed + i cant do anything superfire444: but asking for a gank.. superfire444: then he comes mid and steals famr superfire444: see superfire444: much i can do superfire444: Im slowed superfire444: youre 50000 ms superfire444: LOL you can pus hfor free superfire444: it's too late lee superfire444: just let them end superfire444: open mid superfire444: lucian is afk superfire444: Just push superfire444: nothing can stop you superfire444: nope superfire444: i had 0 things to do this game superfire444: please end superfire444: not sure for what superfire444: being frustrated for being 1shot the moment i get back to lane? superfire444: for not receiving an inch of help? superfire444: no shit this game sucks superfire444: see superfire444: this under superfire444: wants to report me superfire444: FOR BEING 0/7 superfire444: WHEN I ASK FOR HELP Post-Game superfire444: aatrox superfire444: please superfire444: go watch the replay superfire444: and watch what i did superfire444: with your fucking "please farm" superfire444: what a joke superfire444: you have 0 clue what even happened superfire444: i tried to fucking just farm superfire444: but ekko 1shots me superfire444: and he is allowed to because he can just go dive me with his R superfire444: cuz there is 0 pressure mid superfire444: cuz lee is jerking it superfire444: and then you blame me LOL superfire444: you did nothing this game Game 3 In-Game superfire444: ? superfire444: what superfire444: i know superfire444: but what the fuck is that stun superfire444: nice CD LOL superfire444: are you actually kidding superfire444: you have less cd on your stun than me on my Q superfire444: lmfao superfire444: what a cnacer superfire444: nothing to calculate superfire444: idc superfire444: this game is fucking shit superfire444: how is this even allowed superfire444: fucking stupid superfire444: jsut ff superfire444: we're 4v5 superfire444: not even superfire444: game is done superfire444: bot and jng fed superfire444: im done for superfire444: since i cant do shit without getting 1shot superfire444: it's good game design superfire444: when i wanna uninstall superfire444: because you can spamm your shit like its urf superfire444: ikr superfire444: dude superfire444: you're not even doing anything superfire444: Just spamming your 1200 range shit superfire444: to a melee superfire444: till im dead superfire444: cause i got hit once superfire444: 10/10 game deisgn and interactivty superfire444: wanna reverse it? superfire444: i get to shoot you 24/7 superfire444: hit once you dead superfire444: press yes superfire444: ty ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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