Falsely banned for intentional feeding.

Recently I was banned for intentionally feeding (14 days), I'm not exactly sure why. I submitted a support ticket and Blitzbot replied saying I was reported 8 amount of times in 20 games. I was not intentionally feeding. I have multiple reasons to back that up. Here are the ending game stats [https://i.gyazo.com/2b772fedc1bfea6d38b76015326266a8.png] For starters, I had the same amount of kills as the enemy ADC. Most CS in the game by a very long shot. Most gold on my team. In no way was I trying to intentionally feed, or lose this game in any way. I understand my deaths were a little high, but so was my own teams, as well as the enemies. I would like an explanation at least as to why I was banned Thank you, Gizzy
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