If u give us a really SECOND CHANCE, banned players, we will be respectful all life!!!!!!

Well Riot, a very nice community with a nice game, well done, that is working hard to give us the best game play, if someone could understand and agree with me here i apreciate it so much!!!! So... to start over, today i got banned just like many players around here... for flaming because this is the main problem here tho... At one point u just can't control yourself after a hard bad day and spit out many bad words that u didn't suppose to and after that u regret it! But now i regret it so hard I've done this just like many of us here because of that type of player that feeds unintentionally or intentionally and u just simply can't play without saying something bad... So after flaming, u try at least to play good and try to carry the team but u just can't and u simply lose the game just like that. Even if u mute him he will still feed and doesn't care about it and of course at the end of the game u report him and HE DOESN'T GET ANY PENALTY!!!!! And u will be the one that is in danger by getting banned or days suspended. After all, if u give us, me, league banned players, a really second chance and that's it, we would be grateful so much and i'm pretty sure I've learned my lesson here just like others!!!!!! If u don't understand us it's kind of ok but think about it that we can't play it, enjoy it like we did... because some of us had skins, or just played for fun with our good friends, ENJOYED the game mostly!!!!! Although thanks for understanding and i apreciate u read this! NEVER FLAME, JUST PLAY THE GAME!!
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