Please review this ban, i truly believe i am not in the wrong!

Game 1 In-Game TheCraterEffect: yeah TheCraterEffect: im 3hp TheCraterEffect: 300 TheCraterEffect: and im brain dead TheCraterEffect: ur 0/1 TheCraterEffect: ^ TheCraterEffect: why? TheCraterEffect: you cant handle the game? TheCraterEffect: Cry TheCraterEffect: cry TheCraterEffect: cry TheCraterEffect: report liss TheCraterEffect: int TheCraterEffect: i dont heal trolls TheCraterEffect: sorryt TheCraterEffect: i dont care? TheCraterEffect: lol TheCraterEffect: its a video game TheCraterEffect: ur not mr.bigguy for threatening a loss TheCraterEffect: You were never doing well TheCraterEffect: stop lying to yourself TheCraterEffect: idc about your win rate TheCraterEffect: your garbo TheCraterEffect: i didnt ask about your win rate? TheCraterEffect: nj TheCraterEffect: 6 deaths TheCraterEffect: 6 deaths TheCraterEffect: 6 deaths TheCraterEffect: by far the best player on the team TheCraterEffect: with 6 deaths TheCraterEffect: your smart TheCraterEffect: top of your class TheCraterEffect: your wasting your time reporting TheCraterEffect: we werent toxic TheCraterEffect: she called drag TheCraterEffect: we said no TheCraterEffect: and she inted TheCraterEffect: u cant support someone with 7 deaths claiming to be the best TheCraterEffect: y i k e s TheCraterEffect: ive been TheCraterEffect: sion jinx was alone bot TheCraterEffect: but u didnt go TheCraterEffect: Double digit deaths from my mid laner? TheCraterEffect: dang TheCraterEffect: unlucky i believe i was wrongfully banned. permanently banned and i didn't swear and i wasn't racist. i had a intentionally feeding player in my game who all game was provoking my team. i have 300 plus games played on my account and all i ask for is my account to be suspended so that i can play. you can give me any punishment like a 14 day ban and once the ban is over a permanent chat restriction or something of the sort. i have too many hours into my league account and that is the only name i go by on everything. i just ask that my permanent ban be reviewed. there are many toxic players in league of legends but i do not believe i am one.
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