A simple concept that not many people seem to understand

For some reason in many of my games, I get junglers that don't want to come to a lane after the enemy laner gets a kill. Let me politely give the reason as to why you SHOULD visit a lane after the laner dies: - The enemy is likely to be low on HP and mana. - They might have flashed, making it harder them to escape. - They are probably recalling, so they are vulnerable. - They are no stronger than before they killed your laner. They just have the gold. Gold =/= power until it is spent on items. - The enemy jungler is likely to not be nearby, since there is no one for them to gank. - You're going to get bonus gold and get your laner an assist if you are fast enough. Don't even TELL ME that they are "too strong" to gank when they're MUCH weaker.

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