These people need to be stop. List of Toxic Players.

**-The players that criticize there teammates on every little thing they do wrong. ** **-The players that give up 10 minutes in _( MAJOR PROBLEM )_.** These players say GG after 2 deaths and discourage everyone. **-The players that insult and make fun of their teammates in all chat. ** They talk about how 'stupid' their team is or how this player is a feeder. **-The players who ask for reports.** This isn't asking for reports on actual reportable offenses. This is when you are losing lane and someone says "/all report this champion for intentionally feeding" or when you make a mistake and someone says "/all report champion for trolling". **-The players who ban other peoples declared champion.** This is honestly a form of trolling. I understand you don't want your teammate playing Yasuo, Zed, etc. But that isn't an excuse to ban a declared champion. You wouldn't want the same to happen to you so don't do it to others ( this applies to all of the listed types of toxic players ). **-The players who tell others "don't tell me how to play my champion".** They get angry when you give them advice on their champion. Please list more because I'm sure I missed alot
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