Riot support just closed my ticket

Alright, so basically I got perma banned, wait im not going to ask for sympathy or anything. I have to point this out because it’s part of the story. So, a while back. My account was compromised and suspended for 14 days, no problem. I did the account recovery procedure and got it lifted ( this happened around **October 19th 2017** the day it got suspended) now I got perma’d and told Riot support I was never suspended, so why didn’t I get a suspension. I got 1 but it was lifted, they say no it was never lifted blah blah blah, that was your 3rd warning. ( which it really was lifted and I’m about to set it to stone that it was lifted with undeniable proof) so, I say ok, if it wasn’t lifted explain this: Yepp, those games I played were during my supposed 14 day suspension that was never lifted apparently. And I told them to explain this please and they just closed the ticket without saying anything, found it quite rude, was anxious to hear what they would say. **UPDATE** They closed my follow up ticket asking for a response. **EDIT** I also manually had to receive my end of season awards, which I assume I didn’t autmatically recieve due to the automated system thinking I was suspended recently **EVIDENCE** I don’t think I would’ve recieved them if my 14 day suspension was valid. Cheers **HUGE EDIT** Perma ban was lifted big shout out to Riot Verdaloth for understanding, also thanks for the support boys.

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