This is how long it will take from honor level 0 to 2 (MY EXPERIENCE)

After my 14 day ban, I was unbanned on May 3rd. I know this because this was my gf's birthday, plus i wrote it down because i was truly dedicated to documenting this. I grinded my entire summer vacation hard af up until august 22nd when i got my honor level 2 back. I made sure i played 10 games a day, this was the variable that always stayed the same throughout this entire time. The variables that can change the influence of the solution is valid reports (because they can set you back if they're valid but obviously not enough to perma ban you), and obviously the amount of honor you receive (I very rarely got all 4 honors unless i carried, same with 3, I most likely got 1 or 2 honors, but even that was scarce, besides the point; a majority of these games i didn't get honored. This would of been nice to have written down but my dumbass didnt). If you count the days between may 3rd and august 22nd. You'll realize there is 15 weeks and 6 days between those dates. This will amount to 111 days. If you multiply that by 10 ( for 10 games a day), you'll end up with a total of ~1110 total games played within this time frame. This number is subject to change for everybody. But this was just MY EXPERIENCE. I cannot stress this enough. As of my current status right now. I have just reached honor level 3 on November 6th, well reformed after taking the 14 day ban warning seriously. I just wanted to share this info with those who have been wondering and maybe help get a general idea as to how long it would take.{{sticker:katarina-love}}
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