A more transparent report system

Dear Riot Games, I started with League of Legends back in Season 3 and played it throughout the years consistently as my main game (with some breaks here and there). My focus was always playing ranked, since i like the competition that goes with it and it was also always my motivation to come back and competed with players my skill level. Overall i love how the game developed in the last years, like the changes to the map, the adaptation of the jungle and fresh pve content with the different elemental drakes and the rift herald. Also the newest champions had unique play-styles and kits which make the game even more fun to play and watch. In my opinion with the newest change of the rune and mastery system LoL is at its best state ever as a game itself and it feels refreshing to discover all the new possible builds (Kleptomancy Ezreal as one of the many examples). League of Legends is an awesome e-sports game and as a german i often compare it to soccer. It is not as flashy as other e-sport games (Csgo, Overwatch) but the mix of strategically game-play and incredible individual skill is for me personally the same as watching the best soccer teams and their star players. But i have one gigantic problem with League of Legends -- the community. I never experienced a more toxic overall community as the one of League of Legends and i have different reasons for it. People in ranked-que tent to get mad when they lose and I understand that I am one of many ranked players and sometimes caught myself being mad at my teammates for loosing the game. I guess searching for mistakes in all others but ourselves is some kind of human nature. I personally always try to be a good team-player and don't show my anger about bad play in chat. I try to stay positive and calm, people have bad days and bad games and so do I. I am convinced that cheering someone up is more effective then pointing out how bad someone is. But in League of Legends many players think other than me and start flaming the teammates really badly in all kind of ways wishing each other death or start saying racist and sexist things to each other. The other kind of toxic players I can't suffer is that type that plays bad on purpose. People try their best to play good and climb the ladder. Seeing people try to make your LoL experience as much exhausting as they can is something that I can't understand. We all invest at the very least 30 Minutes in a game and dealing with intentional feeding players or not team oriented players overall feels like a waste of time. Having to deal with the toxicity in chat and or game-play on a daily basis, even when I am not directly affected, takes away all the fun I have playing this beauty of a game and almost makes me quit it. Introducing the honor system the past season was a good step by you (Riot) and helped to improve the community a little bit since players try to get that ranked 5 honor badge and so they were forced to play well and be kind in chat. It is time for the next step --- revolutionize the report system. As a player who likes to take his time when reporting people and often use all the punctuation characters possible to describe you the situation I only get that little notification "thanks for the report". This feels often uncared and ignored. As response I don't want to take the effort to report player any longer even with the knowledge the community will never be a better one if I don't try my best to get toxic players I had to deal with not allowed to play the game at all. A more transparent report system would be much more satisfying. I would love to see a report history in my league client at my account section which works similar as the purchase history. It would be way more motivating to spend that time reporting someone if I can look back in my history and see again which player I reported for what reasons and what I wrote in my report as well as your response to my report. So I can see if you worked on it or at the very least saw it. Also seeing what your response was (chat restriction, banning, or nothing because it was not enough evidence for a result) would give me and many others an overall better feeling. The last point to make responsible reporting more attractive for players is to give them something back. Introducing a report system where people with a history of responsible reports get something back in their favor would motivate many more players to do so as the honor system already showed. Little things like a badge at the profile page, an emote, some essence or free skins for people who showed themselves reliable could change the way the community behave in game massively. With many hopes in a better community and a better way to approach with toxicity your caring summoner Alloro
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