i got banned for replying to a flamer...

1000IQ BigBrain: ... 1000IQ BigBrain: was dead anyway 1000IQ BigBrain: left.. 1000IQ BigBrain: this varus is actually toxic and inting its so pathetic 1000IQ BigBrain: wants me to gank the fed veigar that can 2 shot me and keeps calling me worthless 1000IQ BigBrain: no you are inting 1000IQ BigBrain: yeah must be nice being fed 1000IQ BigBrain: no its more nice not having wards 1000IQ BigBrain: dude 1000IQ BigBrain: you fed and didnt even get ganked 1000IQ BigBrain: yea after you were feeding 1000IQ BigBrain: legit everyone fed their lane idk why you are raging like its my fault instead of getting better 1000IQ BigBrain: you walked bot 3 times just to die 1000IQ BigBrain: and blame me 1000IQ BigBrain: yeah thats the reason 1000IQ BigBrain: Dude you are the reason we are losing i dont want to blame but its true 1000IQ BigBrain: i bet if i look at your match history its mostly losses 1000IQ BigBrain: its not even worth talking to you 1000IQ BigBrain: im a higher rank than you though 1000IQ BigBrain: i am 1000IQ BigBrain: Dude im better than you 1000IQ BigBrain: im just going to mute you 1000IQ BigBrain: i cant wait till i get notified of your ban 1000IQ BigBrain: just muted you have fun talking to yourself Keep in mind he was calling me worthless all game and never stopped talking about how I was the only reason we were losing.. I was just replying to things he said so don't take them out of context.. He kept saying he was a smurf and was better than me but he was like 2/14 and getting solo killed as varus mid. All he kept doing was saying useless jungler and kept calling me a r%%%%% and bad and telling me what I did wrong.. Keep in mind I was playing better than him too so that's what I meant by saying "dude im better than you".. I just love how he was the only one raging and cussed me and flamed so viscously but I was the one that got banned.. I am just sick of salty little silver players using the ban system as a fucking weapon. Sadly I know riot isn't going to unban me either.. I wouldn't have even gotten flagged this game by automated report if I didn't say the word worthless.. I just regret not muting the dumbass.
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