I got permabanned THREE games after my 2 week ban

Am I the most "toxic" player ever? yes but seriously, three games? I was even making attempts at not raging as hard. How am i supposed to not get reported three times? This is my second permaban, ive been playing since early 2010 and just uninstalled, its sad to me that people cant tolerate banter in a competitive game; Especially considering how willing people are to insult me and then report me when I return the favor. Of course, the worst part is that since I got permabanned the day after getting my account back, riot cant possibly have been able to review my reports, especially considering that I got banned immediately after my 3rd game where I didnt even rage despite my entire team feeding nonstop(id assume they reported me for not ganking enough as yi or something). The fact that theyd shit on all the time ive put into this game and all the money ive spent without even reviewing the case at all is pathetic from a consumer's point of view. Anyways, just my 2 cents on an immature moderation system ive battled for years. Lata bitches

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