Lockout Afks and Ragequitters from Draft. Upvote to support.

I just had an afk in one game, and a feed and ragequit support in another. I think draft should be a privilege, not a right. You must be lvl 30 enter. I think people who ruin games for others intentionally, or don't care and go afk/ragequit, should ALSO be locked out of draft, that way players who earn it (by leveling to 30 and playing in a respectful manner) are shielded from ragequitters/afks. Those who are punished, can always play normals. I am talking about ragequitters/afks, genuine disconnects should be treated differently perhaps. First offense: Warning or immediate 5 day lockout, depending on player history. Second offense: One week lockout from draft, unless player history is VERY clean. Third offense: Two week lockout from draft. Forth offense: One month lockout from draft. Chronic offenders or particularly bad cases (such as ppl who troll and ragequit, or flame extremely and ragequit) should be locked out of draft for Two+ months. UPVOTE IF YOU SUPPORT THE SPECIFICS OF THIS, OR SOMETHING SIMILAR TO THIS. CrimsonDawn77
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