Position Stealing in Ranked

A day ago, a player first banned the champ I hovered on in champ select and then instalocked eve with smite trying to steal my role as jg. He did not type in chat from champ select all the way to post game lobby. I just went double jg and in the end we won the game. The new ranked system identified me as support and gave me a warning that more position swapping would remove positional matchmaking for me. So when a player trolls me in champ select by banning my champ and stealing my role, I get further punished by the ranked system by not getting lp for the role I want and a warning for position swapping. I just do not see how this should be allowed. So I submitted a ticket to riot which was first treated to directly which gave me a troubleshooting guide for connection issues, and then redirect me back to riot support for a rioter response. The response basically treated this as a report on the eve saying that he will look into this but cannot comment due to account privacy. But the issue is not the eve. League community has quite a number of trolls. I get instalock, position steals all the time in normals. Ive only played 5 games in ranked and it happened once. That is 20% so far. My question is how the system does not fix this? This is clearly an abusive case of positional matchmaking. At least, it ruins the ranked experience for me. So I replied back to the support ticket, with the rioter response: "stealing roles is not allowed, no. That is why I am looking into that player, after all! But sadly we don't have a system in place to stop trolling or role stealing until after the game is already over, and I agree that sucks and I hope we can have more options for especially if player are abusing positional ranks. [...] We can't send your feedback directly to the devs, so I think posting on the boards will benefit from more eyes seeing it [...] Thanks for taking time to write about this behavior. I sadly cant change which position you earn or lose lp for though..." So from my understanding, this is still treated as a report on the player which I specifically said was not my problem. I just have 2 questions: 1) how is position swapping determined? I took smite and took jg camps. I did occasionally pushed waves but for some reason it identified me as support. 2) how can riot fix this position swapping issue? In old ranked, you get lp no matter what. You just report it and move on. Only downside: you feel bad for about 30min. Now, when your position gets stolen, not only do you feel bad, you get further punished by the system for not giving you lp on the position you want and tighter links between positions...
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