24 chat restriction. 14 day ban. Now perma banned?

Okay, look man. I served a 24 game chat restriction for telling em team to stop diving. I type a lot. But I insulted NOBODY. I then served a 14 day ban, for telling people to PUSH LANES to win. I talked about a champion not being good in my opinion(zac) and complimented the player himself. I swore a few times. Hey, after being insulted non stop a couple curse words weren't above my mood. But, never is it like, directed at someone in hopes they die or anything absurd. I never call anyone bad. Aside from myself. Now, I JUST GOT PERMA BANNED. Why? I spent 24 minutes being insulted nonstop, defended my intentions as not "inting" and told someone I look forward to them being punished for toxicity. Here is the PERMA BAN chat log. I'm out one or two hundred dollars, because I talked to 3 people who insulted me for 24 minutes. Because I said I'm not inting, I'm pushing towers and fighting with my team. Because I was called Trash 13 times, for dying the same amount as an ally did and a few times more than TWO of our enemies. This shit is getting out of hand. I'm unable to use an accoutn I've put time, money and effort into... Because I'm ganged up on by toxic players who report me because they don't like me. Sure... I talk. But up until I was harassed I wasn't toxic. And I would argue I wasn't toxic, afterwards either. I'm literally playing in a 4v5 with 4 people insulting me, one of which left. because I'm NOT as good as they expect me to be. Seriously? Like, really? Game 1 In-Game Descyphal: wasn't I top? Descyphal: oh wtf Descyphal: read my dick Descyphal: hah kidding Descyphal: no but i thought i saw i was top my fault Descyphal: yeah Descyphal: oh well all good Descyphal: yeah Descyphal: be toxic bro, im excited for your ban Descyphal: sorry im not diamond Descyphal: start insulting me now Descyphal: ... for? Descyphal: oh go ahead, report me. Im not good. I wonder how fast I'll get banned for not being great at league Descyphal: please do though Descyphal: ... Descyphal: says who? Descyphal: so far i've faught and died Descyphal: and then faught and diad Descyphal: so? Descyphal: so losing a fight is not trying? Descyphal: like bro, stop being a punk man Descyphal: re fucking lax. Descyphal: cause i'm not good you insult. then tell me you're reporting me and im not trying Descyphal: when i am, so Descyphal: enjoy your fucking ban. Descyphal: ... for? Descyphal: ... as it does, yes Descyphal: i disagree. Descyphal: but then again, i'm not insulting everyone asking for reports because I'm salty i'm not diamond league. Descyphal: So, I don't assume I'd win for no reason. Descyphal: It seems like I int... interesting logic there Descyphal: I faught the bot lane, my vayne flashed and then gave up. Descyphal: I was insulted and yet I pushed towers(plural) Descyphal: Teemo, voli and Akali are all toxic. simple as that. Descyphal: anyway, gg wp, nice job Post-Game Descyphal: report me for not being good you three Descyphal: hurts my feelings not one bit Descyphal: gg wp guys, was fun until the leaver Descyphal: enjoy life, goodluck! Descyphal: yeah Descyphal: you sound pleasant. Descyphal: ... Descyphal: pretty Descyphal: acting Descyphal: yeah Descyphal: i died as much as teemo Descyphal: better ban me Descyphal: holy moly Descyphal: I shouldn't even play as if there's no such thing as bronze or iron Descyphal: yes Descyphal: because you literally said "in quote" 'you're not trying, report sion' Descyphal: you're toxic. you will be banned. and I'll enjoy it Descyphal: .... Descyphal: teemo died 14 times. Descyphal: ricen 10. Descyphal: veig 10. Descyphal: how? Descyphal: HOW? Descyphal: because you insulted ME I'm toxic? Descyphal: bro, good game Descyphal: bro Descyphal: i will. Descyphal: gg wp Descyphal: okay Descyphal: and nobody in the history of league Descyphal: has ever, ever been banned for being bad at the game. Descyphal: Hey man, you absiolutely spent 20 minutes insulting me Descyphal: report me. Descyphal: I'm cool with it Descyphal: Thanks for playing, enjoy your vacation
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