you get banned for one game

didn't say anything racist, i flamed people who flamed me nothing crazy just calling them bad a bunch of dif ways. Got perma banned without any prior offenses Game 1 Pre-Game aBvVDana: nop In-Game aBvVDana: imagine if mid bought items aBvVDana: and wasnt afk aBvVDana: u didnt buy aBvVDana: yw aBvVDana: cmon aBvVDana: man aBvVDana: fuyck are u doing top aBvVDana: yeh aBvVDana: why is there 3 waves aBvVDana: come aBvVDana: COME NOW aBvVDana: wtf aBvVDana: are u trolling aBvVDana: jesus christ aBvVDana: ez ur a literal troll aBvVDana: and lux u dont know how drake works aBvVDana: u tanked and got us BOTH hit aBvVDana: clueles splayers aBvVDana: ANOTHER SPECIAL TEMA aBvVDana: SO FACE AWY aBvVDana: FROM ME aBvVDana: ?!?!?! aBvVDana: WHAT aBvVDana: LOL aBvVDana: FACE AWAY aBvVDana: THATS OBVIOUS aBvVDana: so stupid aBvVDana: ur inting mid aBvVDana: why dont u play the game aBvVDana: 0-3 aBvVDana: games over aBvVDana: mid fed aBvVDana: yi fed aBvVDana: trash players aBvVDana: 4-1 yi with a lulu aBvVDana: its so gg aBvVDana: yep aBvVDana: stfu feeder aBvVDana: oh wronmg guy aBvVDana: 0-5 aBvVDana: on liss aBvVDana: impossible aBvVDana: ye it is aBvVDana: believe me aBvVDana: no she isnt aBvVDana: u guys are bad aBvVDana: idk how u have such a low winrate as mid aBvVDana: zoe aBvVDana: its so easy to prey on these kids aBvVDana: for mid aBvVDana: so awful aBvVDana: was 90 aBvVDana: idk aBvVDana: didnt let me skip aBvVDana: was 26-4 got ttolled in promos and now here aBvVDana: gg aBvVDana: so fed lol aBvVDana: gabrgae players i was tilted after being trolled in my prev games. why am i not allowed to have a single bad game? wtf is this shit system
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