Thoughts on younger players

By 'Younger', I pretty much mean teenagers and very young adults (think around 17-19). I've noticed recently that whenever someone tends to have a bad game, or even worse, starts flaming and being toxic, the first insult that's thrown their way is usually along the lines of "12 year olds, ugh" and "minecraft kiddies". While I will admit, players of younger ages tend to be more annoying in most online games (especially shooters), I did find this quite tilting as it seems that whenever somebody is toxic, they must be young. A lot of younger players like myself ( I'm a 14 year old child btw) make it a point to not flame and make things difficult for others, as more often than not we just want to chill and have fun. But, I would like to hear other people's opinions. Would you, as a person, rather **not** have kids in your game, or would you welcome them ( granted they don't start flaming and raging) ?
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